Rules European OLR Cup

1) Every member of an european state can participate.
2) All members of organisation, not family members can participate in the EOLRC.
3) Participation is free.
4) Organisation staff is working free of charge and on a voluntary basis.
5) Per Loft only 1 Team can participare in the European OLR Cup.
6) Participants have to be registered until 1st of June on the website
7) European One Loft Race Cup will be raced in follwoing participating OLR:

a. Golden Race Algarve, Portugal, Final 500 km
b. Sofia One Loft Race, Bulgaria, Final 420 km
c. As Golden Greece, Greece, Final 400 km
d. Krakus OLR, Poland, Final 500 km
e. Balkanic Fair Play, Romania, Final 500 km

8) A Team exist out of maximum 8 pigeons per race which have to be registered before the 1st Race (before release). The pigeons have to be registered with ringnumber and (or) Name on the website After the1st Race the Team cannot be changed anymore.
9) Only activated and paid pigeons by the participant are valid.
10) The first 2 pigeons per Team on all races of the derbies listed in point 6) (including semifinals and finals) are counting. 2 out of max. 8 in each race.
11) A team pigeon can only collect points for the cup when it is placed in the first 33,1/3% of the basketed pigeons in the race. 33,1/3% Rule. Arrives a pigeon after the first 33,1/3% it will not score.
12) A point for the cup is made up of the reached Ace-Points (German Ace Point System, example see below) + 1/10 km of the race distance.
13) Winner is the Team with the highest number points.
14) All results can be seen on the website
15) Prize money and trophies:

1st place 3.000 € + Trophy
2nd place 2.000 € + Trophy
3rd place 1.250 € + Trophy
4th place 750 € + Trophy
5th place 500 € + Trophy
6th place 500 € + Trophy
7th place 500 € + Trophy
8th place 500 € + Trophy
9th place 500 € + Trophy
10th place 500 € + Trophy
11th place Trophy
12th place Trophy
13th place Trophy

16) Honorantion Ceremony, Prize Money and Trophy handover will be placed at the international pigeon market in Kassel at the BENZING stand.
17) Calculations and results will be one by BENZING.
18) Responsibility for all races (including the semifinals + finals) as well as setting the date and release time is in hands of the derby race itself.
19) Published results can be contested up to 10 calendar days after publication.
20) Organisation of European OLR Cup Martin Steffl, Steinhalde 4, 74653 Künzelsau and Gabriel Kupka, Platzäcker 3, 74642 Neuenstein
21) Jurisdiction is 74653 Künzelsau.

Honoration Ceremony take place at the international pigeon exhibition in Kassel.
Honoration Ceremony take place at the international pigeon exhibition in Kassel.